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Articles by GT Leo T. Gaje, Jr.


Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Institution of Higher Studies
Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is combat engineering, combative fighting arts with centuries of recorded history in the Philippines before Philippines got its name from the Spanish domination in 1600.
Philippines with a population of 84 million people inhabiting the 7,100 Islands situated in the heart of Pacific Islands had contributed remarkable facts of the history that no other countries in Asia had done so much and yet so little to be recognized by super Nations, how the talents of the Pilipinos endued with the fortitude of courage and bravery of men made the history exceptional in all its episodes.
The emergence of pocket revolts at the later years of 1600 were ignited by foreign intrusion under the pretext of religion that spread the influence of aristocracy, dominated the entire country under the name of the Holy Ones and yet the purpose was to bring the submission of the people's will to the Kings and Queens under fear and intimidations. Revolts were the product of personality change of the Malay Race to new offsprings of new generation of impure Pilipino blood in different Spanish names removing the true identity as pure Malay Race. Inspite of the changes Pilipino genetics cannot be erased even into the multitude of cross breeding practices between the Spanish men to Pilipina women. The superiority of a true Pilipino blood remained unchanged.
330 years of long tedious sacrifies were excellent for the Pilipino Fighting Art, since then the Kali as a Philosophical Art and a Fighting Art was purified and cleansed by the Spanish blood squeezed and drifted caused by the whispering silent sound of Pilipino blades cripping through the night and day of the revolution. A test where no one can question how superior, effective and deadly what a true Kali was all about.
Then more years were added to the 330 years, comes the greatest influence of all, the American influence that brought education of English language and the art of law studies and practices which made the western education productive in most cases with negative seeds of corruption under the protection of legal logic that made the country recognized as a true believer and doer of democracy in the Far East. Politics became the subject of discussionin every segment of small rural community blown to a magnitude of country's favorite industry - dirty politics.
Incomplete as it happened, the Japanese invasion of the Philippines filled the gap of the unused portion of the Pilipino Fighting Art where the special deposited combat technology was fully utilized with no mercy propelled with anger and perilous journey to the mountains and valleys for more than 5 years. Japanese were driven out of the Philippines by the Guerillas out of the Philippine sea caught by General Douglas MacArthur's Armada of Battleships in the famous battle of the Philippine sea.
Today, the art is revived by the Pekiti-Tirsia system taught as it was in the past and applied to the Force Recons Marines, Philippine Marine Corps, Special Action Force Commandos, Crisis Response Group. Scout Rangers of the Philippine Army and the joint military exercises "BALIKATAN" between the US Marines and the Philippine Marine Corps.
The system as it is applied in real combat found its effectiveness in the field of battle. Close-Quarter Combat is one of the most bloodiest tactical operations embodied in the military strategy and tactics which in Mindanao, Philippines insurgency against the Muslim rebels, the Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat is constantly practiced by the Force Recons of the Philippine Marine Corps.
This is the attribute of the Pekiti-Tirsia to the modern world of warfare, the revival of the true indegenous fighting system as it was practiced in the past comes to life in the new world of tactical operations. Pekiti-Tirsia Institution of Higher Studies share the burden of conducting a system of warfare education based on combative principles which in the beginning of Philippine history, the system found its roots to the early forefathers whose efforts and unrelentless devotion to perfect each technique of the Pilipino Bolo, commands high respect from the enemies of the fatherland - The Philippines.
The existence of almost all martial arts in the US and other countries had their experiences in sports which help to popularize the Pilipino Art. But in the Pekiti-Tirsia involvement activities since it was introduced in New York City in the early 70's had the marked of a Combative Art. Although tedious and hard pinching methology of training had been experienced by many students who one or by another found its long lasting memorable time in winning in sports competition but most of all a winner in all activities because of the living philosophy believing in life not death, success not failure, good health and not sickness paid the high price of confidence and full security of existence.
There are much to learn but few survive, only to realize the intellectual education process is difficult to adjust since Pekiti-Tirsia is combat engineering art, only talented and gifted ones remained to be true and loyal. The artful performance done by PekitiTirsia Instructors and the students whose training reach to the limit of physical endurance is an indication how the combat concept works perfectly to all whose philosophy runs parallel to the system of Pekiti-Tirsia.
An institution of Higher Studies commands an upgraded curriculum of education related specifically to the goal of Par Excellence. There is no room for mistakes that leads to blunders. Along the way techniques of different magnitudes runs into simple yet complicated process, that it requires high degree of analytical mind to comprehend the secrets behind the mechanism of intricacies manifested by the theory and practices of Pekiti-Tirsia.
Since it is our deepest interest to inculcate the education of right methology in the instructional fields, a unit or group whose talents and genetical equivalents are real warriors, Pekiti-Tirsia will find channels into the veins that leads to almost perfect motions and counter motions. The blade philosophy is an old adage, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword but not to the system. "He lives by the sword shall live by the sword no death in between."